Friday, October 30, 2009

Winner for Prompt 11

I am here for an update to post the winners for Promt 11

The winners are.................................................

for our first prize goes to Drea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and for the second prize......Bessie!

Congratulations, ladies!!!!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prompt 12

I cannot believe Prompt 12 is here! It is so crazy how fast time goes. We are sponsor free this month. I have been involved in a Breast Cancer crop over at Serendipty Scrapbooks and my time and energy has been poured into that this month so I hope you join us over there to raise money for Breast Cancer. It is so very important. And a huge thank you to Kim who won last month's prompt...I was a bit late getting her prize package to her.

So who is ready for this month's prompt!? We have one of the nicest and most talented people I have ever met joining us today....Lucy Edson. PLEASE check out her blog here...just oodles of gorgeousness!

We are focusing on letting go this month and how we free ourselves from the expectations of others.

I feel at times that I sacrifice things that are the most appealing to me because of what other people expect of me. For me, a lot of it surrounds working. I tend to bare a large amount of guilt for wanting to work and loving it and finding satisfaction in my success in my career.

Think about many times have you done something because of what someone else implied or because that is just how it has always been done? And this behavior, to me, is self defeating. When we do what we choose b/c that is what we want, we free them of their expectations too, liberating them of their judgments.

I am not sure when we became a society that constantly just judges each other...maybe now I just notice it more b/c I am older but regardless...I think it is liberating to be able to free yourself from expectations of others...whether it's society...your parents...whoever.

Now go forward...progress...I hope you enjoy this one ;)


{journaling reads} Once I let go of the expectations of others, life became simpler...better


{journaling under photo reads} Expectations, they can weigh on us from birth, some good, some bad. As an adult I try to live up to my own expectations now, and not be controlled by other's ideas of what my life should be. Living up to your own expectations is hard work, so give yourself a break and just do the best you can.

PS...we will have a winner for you in a few days from Prompt 11!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I spy...

Some of you know I am an active member over at Serendipity Scrapbooks and I was in the gallery last night and came across this layout from Rebecca. Rebecca has been a long time member there and I have gotten to know her and this layout just touched me and I instantly thought of our prompt on forgiveness here.

Thank you so much for letting us share this Rebecca! Please visit her gallery here and blog here for some more wonderful inspiration!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Fabulous Peggy...

I have been really sick lately and finally got to the dr. yesterday for some flu though! phew.

so i have peggy's layout here for is amazing!

i know how hard this prompt really hits home about how we touch the people around us and if we really do at all? And when I read what Peggy wrote and these lyrics, I cried and cried. It just touched me so much. I mean the part about "her rescuing me" true is that? I don't know about you but I just blogged about how I never saw myself as a mom, that I dreamed of a life of traveling and adventure but then came along this whole new life that well, saved me.


Here is what Peggy had to say about her layout and the process:

Well, do I really, I wonder? The only persons I could really think of, of course, were my children. But then again, they touched my life as well, they changed me completely, they changed the way I feel about things, how I think, how I love, they changed the way I look upon life itself. I didn't really know how to put this into words, so I used the lyrics to a Martina McBride song, "In my daughter's eyes".
I used to think a lot about my place here in this world. When I was younger, I really wanted to matter, to make a difference in the world. I never did of course, which made me wonder about the meaning of it all. All of this changed when I had my children. I didn't have to look for a purpose, for "the meaning of life" anymore, I had all the purpose I needed and still need. The only thing that matters to me now is creating a warm, loving and safe home for my children, giving them a good start in life, teaching them to be good and strong. I guess I still want to matter, but now in my own little world, I don't feel the need to matter in the whole world anymore. I guess to me the meaning of life is just being happy, and trying my best to make sure that the ones I love are happy as well.

In my daughter's eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I wanna be
In my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light and the
World is at peace
This miracle God gave to me gives me
Strength when I am weak
I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes

And when she wraps her hand
Around my finger
Oh it puts a smile in my heart
Everything becomes a little clearer
I realize what life is all about

It's hangin' on when your heart
Has had enough
It's giving more when you feel like giving up
I've seen the light
It's in my daugter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she'll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I'm gone I hope you see how happy
She made me
For I'll be there
In my daughter's eyes