Monday, December 15, 2008

You are 20 years in the future. Write a letter to your today self! {Prompt 2}

How many times have you ever said "If I only knew then what I know now"?

Or have you ever wished that you could have let yourself know how the future would have worked out for ya?

Let ya know that it would all be okay?

Or that the one thing you've been wishing for finally did come true?

Well, break out that pretty stationary or design your own and have the 20 year older version of yourself write a letter to the current you!

What would she tell you?

Can't wait to see what you gals come up with :)



Dear Staci,
I wanted to let you know that life is good. Sure, there have been some bumps in the road, but I have gotten through them, and they have made me appreciate the good in my life even more. While on this journey, there are some things I have learned along the way:

1. Embrace the every day moments in your life. I know it is hard to do with two small children when your days are often chaotic and they sometimes all run together, but try to sit back and take it all in. Breathe in these moments and truly let them surround you, as before you know it, they will be gone.
2. Speaking of moments being gone, don’t live in the past. I know you have a hard time of letting go of each passing phase – your babies no longer being babies is a big one for you. Remember that life goes on and with each new phase, new amazing memories will be formed. Try not to linger so much on the goodbyes but instead embrace the hellos of a new stage.
3. Worrying gets you nowhere. I know it is easy to get lost in all of the endless possibilities out in this big, sometimes bad world, but worrying changes nothing. The only thing worrying does is alter your quality of life in a negative way. So many things that you worry about are out of your control, so breathe in, and let the worries go.
4. Nurture yourself. It is easy to consume yourself with being a good wife and a good mom, not to mention being good at your work. But remember that you are important, too. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for taking the time to nurture hobbies and things that you enjoy. If you live your whole life for others, you are cheating yourself.

I know that a lot of these things you already know, but sometimes a good reminder is important. Please know that in staying true to yourself and living the life you want to live, your life continues to be good to you. Oh, and by the way, you have aged very gracefully :-)

Love always,
Me at 53 (your twenty-year-older self)



Hello me. It is 2008, actually we are approaching the end of it as the holidays are approaching. I am 32 now& henry is 10 mos old and owen just turned 5. life is good, as it generally is for us. I have a few goals I want to accomplish well before I re-read this in 20 yrs. I want to pursue my doctorate and I have my MBA but I want to use that and what I do working with kids and combine it. somehow/someway there is a place for me to be 100% happy in my job. I am almost there. My job is important to me and I want to work, I like it. it is much more acceptable in today’s society, it will be neat to see how it is in 20 yrs. As for the boys they are great, totally cute and fun. I had no idea motherhood would be so great, why did I fight it? I hope that our life with brian will always be this great, it gets better and better. I had doubts getting married so young, I guess 27 isn’t that young to some but I wanted to be sure I lived before I settled down. Travel, go where I wanted to and I did & now we do it as a family. This is one of the reasons I am writing this letter. To continue to free myself of some of the things in the past and to continue to move forward. Don’t keep looking back b/c every minute you lose part of your future. And you have the power. Only you.


Shan Herren said...

Oh wow! I didn't see that coming! What a good idea!!!! I love this one. Thanks!

Inspired.By.Love said...

Sorry I'm Late For The Party.. Great Prompt! I Need To Get Started On My Journal To Add This In And Maybe More To Come :)

Darlene said...

thanks for getting my wheels to get it on paper...great challenge!

Melissa said...

Here is my layout!

Thanks for this great prompt!

Anonymous said...

Here's my entry for this one...

Shan Herren said...

I missed posting my "letter from the future". Here it is - great idea!