Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I want, Prompt #3

Do you ever think about what you want? It could be anything from wanting chocolate right here and right now, to wanting a better future for your children that you might not have had.

It is a new year, a time of resolutions...but let's be we stick to them? What is it that you really want? Do you want lose 20 lbs or do you want to just be generally more happier with who you are? Do you want more time in the day for the things that are important? Or do you want a new camera?

you get the idea...have fun with it...or be serious...just be honest.

so...with that being said....our prompt for January is to tell us What you want.

This is what we have to say...

Journaling:It’s a simple question, really. Yet it’s one that took me awhile to figure out. I’m so used to defining my desires by my family – what I want is for my husband and my children to be happy, etc. I guess there within is my answer. I want to have my own hobbies and skills without neglecting my family. As much as I love being a mommy and wife, I need to have interests and skills beyond changing diapers and kissing boo-boos. It isn’t easy to make myself part of my priorities while still taking time to play with my kids, snuggle with tony and keep the house in order. Clearly balance is what I need. Balance is what I want.


Journaling: To continue on this journey I've recently started with the piano. To always have patience with myself while practicing. To enjoy the beauty of the notes and the instrument. To always know that it took guts and strength to start lessons at this age. To know that i can be amazing at it.


I want .... make better choices continue to grow for me forgive and forget do everything that makes me happy




i don’t care if you smoke. i admit to craving a cigarette here and there,
i am not perfect. But don’t throw your cigs on my lawn & don’t throw
them out the window so they hit my car and lie on the side of the
road. And don’t throw your trash in my yard either.
How hard is it to wait til you get to a garbage can?


Cassie said...

Here is mine:

Thanks girls!!

Pegasus said...

Wow! This is really food for thought! At least I've decided what I don't want! :0)

Sandy said...

looks awesome! love that prompt...hopefully I will have the time to play! Love what you did...and Sasha - eek! Like one of my faves of yours evah. (-:

amytangerine said...

i like this! will try and play along :)

elizabeth said...

oh cassie, thanks for playing! love your lo girl.

sasha....uhhh*mazing! your thoughts and how you posted what you wanted at the moment.

greta....did you get that hot fudge sundae?

staci...i know the feeling girl and i hope that you can conquer that :)

Pegasus said...

Here's my entry


Sasha said...

Ladies .. yall are rockin these layouts .. fabulous! .. I cannot wait to see what everyone creates ..


Juliana said...

lovin' this!
just found it from Sasha & Staci!
thanks for the inspo & I hope to play along!

Anonymous said...

Here's mine..

and If you look back I added my other entries to the comments after each post (better late than never)

Thanks Sasha for leading me here... this was fun...

Kristii said...

Awesome concept!! I am going to have to give this topic a try!!

Shan Herren said...

Love,love,love Forward Progress! Here's what I want:

Darlene said...

...a little late, but here is mine:


Deanna said...

Wow great Prompt and awesome samples!

Here is mine...