Monday, June 15, 2009

Prompt 8

For the past 3-4 prompts we have been working towards goals. goals, goals and more goals! i am a firm believer that you can never have too many but the idea is to make them attainable. reaching for the stars is one thing but making every goal you have so huge, you will eventually give up and be dissapointed. so small steps towards achievable goals is what we have been doing and it is working.

for this prompt, we want you to scrap the goals you have reached so far! yes, you heard me right. our 5 months are almost up and we want to see progress. if you haven't reached any yet than scrap a goal you have met in the past and you are prowd of or scrap your progress you have made toward a goal you have right now.

here is what we have done:





i used a little symbolism here...since i got a job teaching through the state, i thought {with some help from Lisa, that a photo of an apple would be perfect. and i had my son model it for me since he told me he was glad i was going to teach b/c teachers are smart and dress nice.


Lisa T. Howard said...

Love those layouts girls! Sasha, especially lovin' the colors and those pics are just awesome! Ellen, great idea to have your little man model your apple! I knew you could pull it off with your creative genius! Love the end go get those other 3 things crossed off that list!!!

ellen s. said...

i love each one guys. i am so proud of us! i know is sounds silly but holding myself accountable for these goals has really set things in motion for me.

Jocelyn said...

Girls you did an awesome job and I just love this site!! Now I have to play along!!!!! I am so proud of you LISA!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!! :)

Kristii said...

Awesome work ladies!!! Lisa your layout is fantastic!!! What an awesome challenge blog!!! I gotta jump on board!!

Sasha said...

Hey Lisa thanks boo .. lovin your talent to girl...welcome to the team.

Alright ladies let's see whatyou got.

Sasha Holloway

Kim Strother said...

I learned about the challenge form Lisa Howard! I knew right away I would do it about working out. Thanks for letting me play along! Here is a link to my page