Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exciting News!

Hi! It's me, Lisa. Just stopping in to let you know we have some exciting things coming your way. Be sure to come back on the 15th for our next prompt and we will be having some announcements to make later in the month. I promise you are in for a treat!

I also wanted to share one more layout that was submitted for our June prompt about realizing our goals. This layout was submitted by Jocelyn.

Her journaling reads:

"Taking time to nurture our marriage! Spending time doing the things that makes us night, conversation, laughing...enjoying one another's company. It's time for us. It's time to nurture."

Thanks to everyone who played along. Can't wait to see what everyone does with our next prompt.

See you Wednesday!


ellen s. said...

love it!

Greta Adams said...

beautiful layout..

Sasha said...

Awesome .. I am curious as to what this exciting news is?