Thursday, September 3, 2009

All i have to say is...


we have been visiting the blogs of the entries and you guys rock and totally inspire me. I hope working through some of this was therapuetic for everyone. I know it was for me. People look at me strange {well at least I feel them through cyberspace, LOL} when I tell them that it is no surprise to find me laughing or crying in my scraproom at times.

And, as I sit here typing with tears in my eyes like total weirdo, lol... I have made plans to go see my grandmother. Thanks for those of you who have reminded me that even though she is not there mentally, that there is still a part of her that knows me and knows I am there.

I wanted to add the second half of the month's layout from Peggy and Jocelyn. Make sure you put us on your blogger feed b/c in the next few weeks we will post the entry layouts.

The journaling reads
Do I want to hold onto the hurt......
the pain that was so deep I thought I could
never take a deep breath again...Will I give
you this much control over my life. NO!
I must move forward....I must forgive.
I can breathe again...I can Smile.....
for this experience I have grown to be
the person that I know Today.....Forgive....


My journaling:
"I would give a lot to see you just one more time. I would tell you how much I love you, and how much I miss you.
You never asked for much, but I was too occupied with myself to even give you the little you asked.
You've always been there for me. I'm so sorry I haven't always been there for you."


Brenda said...

awww made me cry tooo...I have to get mine done!!Maybe when I get home from work I can begin to do mine.

jacque4u2c said...

Sniff! Sniff! these are so touching!

Drea said...

Hugging both of you. Regret can eat your lunch. I am hoping all of us can learn to live and love EVERY DAY to the fullest.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Here...weirdo x 2! LOL! I'm fighting back the tears also! Great layouts girls...they both spoke to me on different levels...equally moving!

Bessie said...

Awesome LO's ladies! Ellen, I'm happy to hear that you decided to go visit your grandmother. I hope everything goes well. I'm very proud of that decision. :-)