Sunday, March 15, 2009

5 in 5 {Prompt 5}

We have been behind the scenes talking about the things in the future that we want to work on and we came to the conclusion to do a 3 part prompt. Since we are working on the future and bettering ourselves...what better way to do that than with Goal Management. ONLY WE ARE IN CHARGE OF OUR DESTINY. yes, things may happen to alter our path, but only we have the power to reach our goals. AND if we write them down, we can then hold ourselves accountable for them. AND we need to have realistic goals. Ones that we can reach and they should be specific. This allows us to be more accountable. Who wants a goal that they can't reach? We only leave ourselves open to failure.

First...{today's prompt} we are going to be focusing on short term goals short term like 5 things in 5 months...

THEN {april's prompt} we are going to be focusing on Intermediate and THEN {may's prompt} we will be focusing on long term goals.

We will have more specifics on the latter of the two when that month rolls around so stay tuned for that. But we wanted to give you an idea of where we were going and what was going on in the crazy brains of ours.

So let's see what the girls have been up too....

Our Short Term Goals....


Using the
Nightingale Kit from Noel Mignon. I wanted to list these goals down so i can have a constant reminder of the things I want to do in the next 5 months. Especially buy a bike and start riding now that it is warm weather. (In my neck of the wood anyway)


I used the Fashionista line from Graphic 45 to make a fun LO about my goals in 5 months and what will or should be happening to me around that time frame.

... Elijah will be starting Kindergarten

... I hope I still have my sanity

... I will reach my weight loss goal

... I hope to still be creating for ME

... I will be closer to hugging my hubs


(All products used are Fancy Pants)


i did mine more like a to*do list with boxes to check off when accomplished and a space for me to jot the date down when i accomplished them! i love to*do lists and figured this would encourage me to do the things on the list just to cross them off! lmao!



1. run a 5k (any time will do)

2. plant a garden. AND have it flourish. (sees are started & some harveted).

3. to land a teaching job @ a local community college or enroll for more classes.

4. make friends with some of our neighbors.

5. consistently get my paperwork on time.


elizabeth said...

girls, i love, love, love what you all have done!!!

Anonymous said...

Great challenge :) Thanks, Ellen, for directing me to it! Here is my layout:

Greta Adams said...

mee too!! this one was fun...looking forward to next months..

Pegasus said...

Sorry I'm late, but here's my entry...