Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prompt 6

Now that we are working on 5 short term goals it is time to focus on long term goals. This month prompt is to get 10 goals for yourself in the next year. YES! 10, it may seem like a lot but keep in mind, we are already on our way with 5. So, you can look at it as making 10 new ones or keeping your 5 if you aren't there yet and adding 5 more. In my case, I have completed 2 goals so i will need to come up with 8.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am to be working on these goals and making progress. It just amazes me how you can hold yourself accountable when you write it down.


My goals for the next year: By August 2009 - start a garden (started indoors 2/09, to be transferred outdoors when blossoming), lose 10 pounds (working on it), finish Twilight book series (on Book 3), continue to have lots of silly moments with my kids (on-going), do weekly menu planning (haven't started); By April 2010 - organize basement, sew a camera strap, purge magazines, file layouts in albums, blog at least 3x/week, go through old toys and sell what is no longer being used.


I added to my already 5 goals. I have been wanting to finally do the stuff around my house and now that the weather is warming up i have spring cleaning fever.

my previous 5:
Lose weight- down 5 pounds
get organized- in progress
clip coupons-done and still doing
read more books- 5 more down on my list
get a bike and ride it- not yet
new list:
repaint whole house-in progress already
replace cabinet doors:
replace countertops:
get landscaping done:
work on me as a whole: this is going to take a whole lot of work ;)


i'm sad to report that i really haven't crossed anything off of my previous list (but i'm working on it) so i added five more things to do before this time next year.

my long term goals:

1. have a successful garden and cook from it.
2. plan a disney trip.
3. start a game night.
4. learn a new skill or hobby.
5. landscape the yard

as soon as i get some things crossed off, i'll update y'all :)


I made a journal for mine. This way i can document my progress on each one. since i am still working on a few from last month, i just included them in here. I made a page for each one so i can just stuff down and CROSS THEM OFF! ;) i am happy to report that i am doing well towards my 5 month goals!

*Plant a garden {WIP}
*Get a teaching job at a local university {WIP}
*Get out & meet some neighbors
*Run a 5k {WIP}
*Lose 15 lbs. {WIP}
*Take a class
*Get all the rooms painted in the house {bought paint yesterday!}
*Stay debt free
*Find an organization to volunteer
*Make one new friend
*Continue to create for myself
*continue to work on controlling my anger


Cathy said...

I just discovered the blog. Will play along in the future.

Pegasus said...

Better late than never???

Here's my 10 goals:


Rebekah Williams said...

Tres cool ideas, gals! LOVING the weaved ribbon on Ellen's journal and the to do list by Elizabeth -- snazzy way to keep yourself organized!